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Packing Paper Bulk - 27"x17" - White - 10 lbs - Pack of 4 - 1280 Sheets

Packing Paper Bulk - 27"x17" - White - 10 lbs - Pack of 4 - 1280 Sheets

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Wrap your treasures in elegance with our White Packing Tissue Paper Set. Crafted from premium materials, each of the 320 sheets promises gentle preservation for your delicate items, from heirlooms to artwork.

Versatile and acid-free, it's the perfect choice for gifts, garments, and shipping jewelry, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition.

Elevate your packaging and presentations with the timeless simplicity of our pure white tissue paper.

  • Product of USA
  • High Quality
  • Eco Friendly

Key Features

Bulk Quantity: 320 sheets of durable packing paper, sized 27x17 inches, ideal for various packing needs.
High-Quality Material: Made from eco-friendly materials, offering reliable protection for valuables.
Inherent Cushioning: Provides excellent cushioning for delicate items, minimizing the risk of damage.
Versatile Usage: Adaptable for moving, storage packing, or crafting projects, ensuring reliable protection.
Cost-Effective Solution: Affordable without compromising quality, perfect for personal and business use.
Easy Handling: Lightweight and user-friendly design simplifies the packing process, ensuring efficiency.


Packing and Moving: Safeguard delicate items during transportation or storage.
Crafting Projects: Versatile for various crafting endeavors, offering protection and support.
Product Packaging: Elevate product packaging with a robust layer of protection for safe shipping.
Household Needs: Ideal for everyday packing needs at home, offering economical and reliable solutions.

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