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Kraft Paper Roll - 7.8"x 110' / 1320" - Brown - Pack of 5

Kraft Paper Roll - 7.8"x 110' / 1320" - Brown - Pack of 5

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Unlock your creative potential with Purple Papers Kraft Paper Roll. As the perfect canvas for your artistic vision, this high-quality Kraft Paper invites you to transform ideas into striking masterpieces.

Elevate your creative process and explore endless possibilities with Purple Papers Kraft Paper.

  • Product of USA
  • High Quality
  • Eco Friendly

Key Features

High Quality: Thick, durable brown paper roll made from recycled material for tear-resistant wrapping.
Sustainable: Traditional, unwaxed, and uncoated design for a stylish and eco-friendly look.
Children's Art Supplies: Ideal for drawing, sketching, and paper model projects, perfect for young artists.
Packaging and Multipurpose: Versatile use for safe packing, crafting, decoration, and more.
Premium Heavyweight Construction: Robust texture suitable for various artistic expressions.


Educational Crafts: Engaging classroom materials for young learners.
Event Decorations: Custom banners, signs, and table runners for parties.
Artistic Projects: Explore printmaking, paper mache, and bookbinding techniques.
Crafting: Perfect for beginners and seasoned crafters alike.
Secure Packaging: Protect valuables during transit with tear-resistant wrapping.

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