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Packing Tissue Paper - 20"x30" - White - Pack of 5 - 500 Sheets

Packing Tissue Paper - 20"x30" - White - Pack of 5 - 500 Sheets

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Wrap your treasures in elegance with our White Packing Tissue Paper Set. Crafted from premium materials, each of the 100 sheets promises gentle preservation for your delicate items, from heirlooms to artwork.

Versatile and acid-free, it's the perfect choice for gifts, garments, and shipping jewelry, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition.

Elevate your packaging and presentations with the timeless simplicity of our pure white tissue paper.

  • Product of USA
  • High Quality
  • Eco Friendly

Key Features

Premium Quality: 100 sheets of pure white tissue paper, ideal for gifts, garments, and shipping.
Preserve Your Treasures: Protects delicate items like heirlooms and collectibles, ensuring they remain pristine.
High-Quality Construction: Acid-free and safe for all archiving needs, providing a gentle environment for cherished belongings.
Versatile Protection: Safeguards fine china, vintage clothing, and artwork without discoloration or damage.
Gentle on Fabrics: Soft texture prevents snagging or abrasive damage to delicate fabrics.


Gift Wrapping: Enhance presents with premium-quality white tissue paper.
Garment Protection: Safely ship and store garments and fashion jewelry.
Archiving: Preserve cherished belongings with acid-free tissue paper.
Fine China Protection: Wrap delicate items to prevent damage during transportation.
Professional Packaging: Elevate product presentation with clean and neutral white tissue paper.

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