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Gift Tissue Paper - 20"x30" - Gold - Pack of 4 - 100 Sheets

Gift Tissue Paper - 20"x30" - Gold - Pack of 4 - 100 Sheets

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Elevate your gifts with our Gold Tissue Paper Set. With 25 sheets sized 20x30 inches, it adds a touch of luxury to all your wrapping needs.

Perfect for gift wrapping, lining gift bags, or crafting projects, its stylish and royal appearance enhances any occasion.

Crafted from recyclable materials, it's an environmentally friendly choice that makes your gifts look exceptional while feeling good about your eco-conscious decision.

  • Product of USA
  • High Quality
  • Eco Friendly

Key Features

Metallic Gold Tissue Paper
Size: 19.5x29.5 Inches
Ideal for Gift Wrapping
Adds a Stylish and Royal Touch
Suitable for Various Craft Projects
Can Line Gift Bags
Versatile and Essential Addition
Environmentally Friendly - Made from Recyclable Materials
Vibrant Hues of Gold


Gift Wrapping: Perfect for adding a touch of luxury to presents for any occasion.
Gift Bags: Ideal for lining gift bags to enhance the presentation of the contents.
Art and Craft Projects: Versatile for use in collages, card making, and other craft projects.
Decorative Elements for Parties and Events: Adds sparkle and sophistication to party decorations.
Environmental Consciousness: Made from recyclable materials, offering an eco-friendly option for gift wrapping needs.

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