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Gift Tissue Paper - 15"x20" - Lime - Pack of 5 - 500 Sheets

Gift Tissue Paper - 15"x20" - Lime - Pack of 5 - 500 Sheets

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Elevate your gift-giving with our Premium Solid Lime Color Tissue Paper Set. With 100 sheets sized 15x20 inches, choose from a stunning array of rich, solid colors to add vibrancy to your presents.

Crafted from flexible and transparent material, it's perfect for shaping, folding, and crafting into whatever you desire. Environmentally friendly and recyclable, it's a guilt-free choice that makes your gifts look exceptional.

Versatile for any occasion, use it for gift wrapping, crafting, or adding a burst of color to party decorations. Neatly packaged for easy access and storage, it's the perfect addition to your gift-wrapping station.

  • Product of USA
  • High Quality
  • Eco Friendly

Key Features

Vibrant Colors: Stunning array of rich hues to enhance gifts and decorations.
Premium Quality: Flexible and transparent sheets for easy crafting and shaping.
Environmentally Friendly: Made from recyclable materials for eco-friendly gift wrapping.
Versatile Use: Ideal for gift wrapping, crafting, and party decorations.
Convenient Packaging: Neatly packaged for easy storage and use in your gift-wrapping station.


Gift Wrapping: Add style with vibrant, solid-colored tissue paper for a chic touch.
Crafting: Shape and fold easily for creative DIY projects and decorations.
Eco-Friendly Choice: Feel good about sustainable gift wrapping while making presents stand out.
Party Decorations: Inject color into celebrations with versatile tissue paper.
Easy Storage: Effortlessly access and use neatly packaged tissue paper in your wrapping station.

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